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CREED Is In No Rush To Take You Higher Once Again

They're gonna, though.

Creed 2002

Don't you worry – one of these days Creed is gonna come back and they're gonna take you higher once again. It's just not time yet. In an interview with The Rock Experience With Mike Brunn, former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti said a reunion is going to happen but not until everyone's schedules align.

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"It's just a matter of timing. We're all so busy running around the world doing our things, we would just have to have the time where it made sense. I don't think we need to rush into it, because I don't think Creed fans are going anywhere. I think whenever we decide to do something, I think it's gonna be a safe time to do it. It's just gonna be when it makes sense for everybody. You don't wanna derail a whole album cycle by jumping into doing Creed. It would just have to make sense."

Tremonti, alongside his former Creed bandmates drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall, are currently together in Alter Bridge. Vocalist Scott Stapp currently has his own solo project. Creed was initially active between 1994 and 2004, and then again for a reunion period between 2009 and 2012.

Tremonti's comment about Creed fans always being around certainly remains true as well – have you seen the recent wave of '90s nostalgia taking over? If Creed announces a reunion tour, there's no way it doesn't do well.

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