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It's been a bad week for Binzer.

Shifty Shellshock

It all started last weekend when Crazy Town had a string of shows that culminated in a fist fight between vocalists Seth "Shifty Shellshock" Binzer and Bobby Reeves. Shortly thereafter, Crazy Town was ejected from their tour with (hed)p.e. "because of what's going on with Seth and Crazy Town right now, Seth needs help."

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Sadly that plea for Binzer getting help was dead on, as TMZ has now learned he's been arrested for a DUI. Binzer was arrested early Tuesday morning in South Carolina for driving under the influence after Myrtle Beach, SC cops were alerted to a black SUV swerving between lanes.

"Police say they then got a call about a driver falling asleep behind the wheel of a black SUV at a red light,"" reads the report. "When they found the black SUV, cops say Shifty was driving and showing signs of being impaired." Binzer was then pulled from the vehicle, failed a sobriety test, and was arrested.

We wish Binzer all the best and hope he can both find and accept help into his life. Binzer's battles with addiction and attempts at recovery have been well-publicized over the years, appearing on the Celebrity Rehab and Sober House reality shows.

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