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Covenant-Era Producer Expresses Interest In Working With MORBID ANGEL Again

Outside of Morbid Angel losing long-time drummer Pete Sandoval to Jesus recently, the band have been notoriously quiet. Who knew they've been goofing around with the idea of a new record since the summer of 2012?

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In the December issue of Sweden Rock Magazine (by way of Blabbermouth), the Covenant-era produce Flemming Rasmussen said:

"That would probably be fun. They actually called me last summer and asked if I was interested. I was, but since then I haven't heard from them. I have no idea how far into the creation of a new album they are."

Oh wow, Morbid Angel back with the dude they arguably made death metal history with in 1993? Yes please! This is also coming off the heels of the band playing he entire record front to back on tour, so one could assume they're in that mindset once more. It'll be interesting to see where they take the new record regardless seeing as they'll be following up their highly controversial Illud Divinum Insanus record. Unfortunately this is all we know about a new Morbid Angel record- no real information regarding if they're writing or just toying with the idea currently.


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