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Could There Be A ROB HALFORD And LADY GAGA Collaboration Soon?

Remember that one mashup of Judas Priest and Lady Gaga that was great? Well, a collaboration may be in the works!

Recently Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford sat down with Huffington Post Canada for an interview about a slew of things pertaining to the man's legendary career, gay pride and Lady Gaga. Where things got interesting was when Halford revealed he met Gaga and it turned out they are both big fans of each other's music!

"After years of proudly proclaiming his status as one of the 'Born This Way' singer’s Little Monsters, he finally had the chance to meet Mother Monster after her show in San Diego earlier this month. As it turns out, the adoration is mutual.

Halford attended the show with Lady Starlight, Gaga’s long-term friend and collaborator – and Judas Priest’s DJ on their last tour. During 'Alejandro,' Gaga walked to the edge of her ramp and noticed the pair in the audience together. 'She saw me and Starlight and she started screaming!' Halford laughs.

'Starlight said ‘Do you see the effect that you have on women?' I said 'You're kidding me.'"

But she wasn't. Lady Gaga is a huge Priest fan, just as the "Defenders of the Faith"-esque cover for "Born This Way" would suggest, and they got to talk about that for a little while when they met backstage. The even discussed, very briefly, the possibility of a collaboration in the future.

Then Halford follows that up with an incredibly interesting piece of information.

“'We didn't really have much time to talk. She’s busy. I’m busy, but we've agreed to get together at some point and just hang out and maybe do something. I don't know if that will ever happen, but I love her to death.'"

2014 has had some very interesting collaborations and super groups, but this just might take the cake! Unfortunately Halford doesn't seem too confident things will definitely transpire, but here's hoping. Previously, Lady Gaga has said that Iron Maiden changed her life and was spotted rocking some Anthrax gear.

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