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Corey Taylor Still Hates Trumps; Thinks Beiber Is A Brat; Talks Gun Control In Year-End Thoughts

We find out what Corey Taylor thinks!

We find out what Corey Taylor thinks!

Corey Taylor has chimed in on a lot of topics this year, and before we call it, Rolling Stone wanted one last crack at Taylor and his take on some current events.

Taylor was asked about the worst moment in pop culture, and, no-shock, it's Donald Trump:

I think I can speak for everyone when I say Trump running for president. That just fucking sums it up. I can remember when [former KKK Grand Wizard] David Duke ran for president, and people scoffed at him. It was a joke. Like, how do you even consider the fact that you've got a shot at this? And now here comes Trump. And just because he's a fucking talking head on television, people are taking him seriously. Between that and the fact that he is appealing to some crazy fucking fear in the conservative wing of America, it is scaring me to be honest. The Republicans need to fucking disavow him if they want to be taken seriously at all — not only by middle-of-the-road America, but by the rest of the fucking world.

Taylor supports Bernie Sanders for president:

Bernie Sanders, however, just doesn't give a shit. And that is so fucking refreshing. That dude has balls the size of church bells. I think if it came down to the debate, Sanders would shred Trump. Shred him. And I think he's got 10 years on Trump. And Bernie seems like he believes in what he's saying; he's trying to bring people together instead of pull them apart. And between Paris, San Bernardino, Black Lives Matter, this country is coming apart at the seams and we don't need someone ripping us apart. We need someone to bring us together.

On gun control:

Every time you talk about gun control, it's a sticky subject. For me, I would never say that it's time to take people's guns away, but at the same time, something has to be done. As a father and a husband, I look around and I'm like, "Do you people not see what's happening?" Anytime something happens like this, it's like two fists crashing together. The conversation can't even start. Whether it's this pseudo-bastardization of the Second Amendment or this overly compulsive need to just completely take all the guns away. I know there are very responsible gun owners out there. It's not their fault that this is happening. But people aren't talking about how to fix it. If [former House Speaker] "Tip" O'Neill and Ronald Reagan can compromise, we should be able to do that. Instead, we're clinging to the fringe because we're all so convinced we're right.

On why he no longer likes Justin Beiber:

Yeah, until he started becoming a fucking caricature of a spoiled brat. Honestly, the only real pop music that I hear is through my kids. There was a lot of Babymetal being played in my house this year. There was a lot of 5 Seconds of Summer, who I actually got to meet not too long ago, and apparently they're massive Slipknot fans, which I did not see coming. And they were really, really cool guys. I couldn't name one of their songs, but I've heard them. I'm just so out of the loop when it comes to pop music, because it all sounds the same. It's all the same chord progressions with the same quirky chorus, or the same hip-hop beat that took 21 people sitting in a room to come up with. It bores me.

You can read the entire interview here.

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