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COREY TAYLOR Slams KANYE WEST For Selling His New Album On A $200 Device

Taylor also thinks the Stem Player is completely insane.

Taylor West

Kanye West will release his new album Donda 2 exclusively via his new Stem Player device. The player allows listeners to split stems out from a song and essentially mix them how they want, and is currently on sale for $200 with a version of the album already pre-loaded. A price and concept that Corey Taylor is vehemently against.

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In an interview with Metro, Taylor said West is a "fucking moron for doing that" and that the whole concept "just shows you how convoluted and off the fucking property Kanye West really is."

"It's like releasing all the parts for a car and sending them to people's houses and going there, you got a free car, now you've got to figure out how to build the goddamn thing. You're assuming that the audience has the access and same technology that you have but you're a fucking moron for doing that. Are you serious? It doesn't work that way. The thinking that that's a smart thing to do just shows you how convoluted and off the fucking property Kanye West really is."

Taylor later addressed the price itself, saying that people can't really even afford their bills right now and that any other artist doing the same would likely be demonized.

"People can't afford their fucking apartments for fuck's sake. It's not right. It's just so pompous and ridiculous. If we did that, we would be fucking demonized but I guarantee people are looking at him like he's a genius, and it's, like, for fuck's sake, pull your head out of your ass, put it on CDs and just fucking give it to people. If you want to do that, put it together in a way that people can actually listen to it. It's such fucking horseshit."

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To get a better idea of Stem Player, check out some of the videos below.

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