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Corey Taylor Shares First Tease of New SLIPKNOT Mask

Posted by on December 23, 2018 at 8:03 pm

Slipknot are not messing around when they say a new album is coming in 2019. We already heard a new single, "All Out Life" and longtime fans know one of the big reveals of a new album cycle for Slipknot is the new masks all the band members wear.

For non-Slipknot fans, it might seem trivial, but it's just another reason that Slipknot stands apart from any other metal band out there. Frontman Corey Taylor posted a photo which seems to be the first ease of a new mask.

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Soon… #thenewface #2019 #wanyk

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The hashtag "#newface" makes it pretty clear what he's teasing and the other hashtag, "#wanyk" stands for "We Are Not Your Kind," a lyric in "All Out Life," and I am starting to think that's what the album title might end up being. MetalSucks seems to agree with me.

Taylor has said the band plans to enter the recording studio in January, so it means 2019 is very much the year of the 'knot, for all the members of the band. So far, the band has one show lined up for 2019, and that would be this summer's Knotfest Meets Hellfest in France (Update: I've had too many Christmas cookies, they've announced several dates). You would think the band would have the album out by then.

Clown said the record is about good versus evil and "about being a human being and experiencing what you have in correlating it to this world."

"What I can tell you is I've known all the words all the time, so I've been able to paint the dream world and the nightmare in my mind." Conceptually, he adds, the album "breaks down to…good vs. evil, or in this sense, evil vs. good. It's about being a human being and experiencing what you have in correlating it to this world. This world is ugly and it's supposed to be, and it has to be in order for art to lead to grandness and beauty."

Crahan also recently revealed that members of Slipknot, namely himself, Taylor, guitarist Jim Root and DJ Sid Wilson, recorded a side project album at that time as well, which has not yet seen the light of day.

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