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Corey Taylor Says He Hasn't Worked On Any New SLIPKNOT And Doesn't Plan To…

Corey Taylor Says He Hasn't Worked On Any New SLIPKNOT And Doesn't Plan To…

What the hell is going on in Camp Slipknot? A mere 24 hours after we reported that drummer Joey Jordison has been telling people a new record from Slipknot is "already in motion," frontman Corey Taylor is all like "Nuh-uh!" tweeting:

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, let me be clear. I have NO PLANS to make a new Slipknot album any time soon. Shows? Maybe. Album? No.

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He then addressed Jordison's statements directly saying:

As for Joey's comments, he took that on himself to say that in print. I can think of 5 people in this band who haven't written/heard a thing

Immediately, this makes me wonder, who are the other two members (besides Jordison) in the band who have heard about this. Regardless, this isn't the first time these two have made contradictory statements in the press (one example here). This is turning into a very embarassing situation for the band.

As my buddy Axl pointed out yesterday, somebody either from the band, their management or their label needs to send out a memo telling all parties to just stop discussing this until they all decide on a plan of attack. Get it together guys! You have very passionate fans and it's not fair to them to constantly sway their emotions in different directions.

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