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CONVERGE Find The Grossest Bathroom Evar?

If you've been to a metal concert, you know the last place you want to be is in the bathroom. It might be shiny and clean before the show starts, but by the time the opening band is finished, the lavatory turns into a literal shit hole. Such is the case with the Sons of Herman Hall in Dallas, TX, where Converge was playing yesterday. They whipped out their camera and documented what they believed was the grossest bathroom they've ever been to. Take a look at this (not safe for life) video:

Sure, that's pretty gross. But these guys did play CBGBs, which still takes the cake as far as I'm concerned for WORST BATHROOM EVAR. I mean look at this… it looks like a prison:

CONVERGE Find The Grossest Bathroom Evar?

Converge are on the road now with Torche and Kvelertak. Get dates here.

[via thePRP]

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