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…but don't worry, he's not quitting Converge to do it.

...but don't worry, he's not quitting Converge to do it.

For those of you who have been awaiting for new jams from Cavalera Conspiracy, you won't have to wait much longer.

When Cavalera Conspiracy signed with Napalm Records last year (even though that was only weeks ago), they also announced a new album had already been in the works for some time. Max also announced that the next album would be a grind record, which definitely has our seal of approval.

To further prove that Max and Iggor are planning their next album to be fucking epic, the Cavalera brothers have recruited Converge bassist Nate Newton for their upcoming record.

In a new interview with Rock Mania, Max also now also revealed that Converge bassist Nate Newton, who also plays in Doomriders and Old Man Gloom, would be playing bass on the new Cavalera Conspiracy album. Nate was at one time eyed to be the bassist of Max's other side project, Killer Be Killed, but that didn't pan out. Clearly, Max has enough respect for Nate to want to work with him in some capacity.

Newton has since confirmed the announcement on Facebook, while also making it clear he is not leaving Converge:

Hello friends! Just wanted to get some info to everyone since I've been getting so many messages…. Yes I am playing bass on the new Cavalera Conspiracy record. No…I am not going to leave Converge. I thought it would be fun to play with the guys who wrote some of my favorite metal records. That's all…no big story here other than it's pretty awesome when people who's music you've admired for years ask you to be a part of it with them. I'm honored! – Nate

I can only imagine how fucking intense this next record is going to sound with the addition of one of the sickest bass players around. Cavalera Conspiracy is expected to drop their Napalm Records debut in 2014.

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