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Clown Hopes SLIPKNOT Will One Day Carry On With A Completely New Lineup

"Don't be surprised one day, you know, nobody in the band will be in the band."

"Don't be surprised one day, you know, nobody in the band will be in the band."

When Shawn "Clown" Crahan isn't fighting his mask in fear of it taking his life, he's spitting out some really interesting information about the future of Slipknot. As you all know by this point, the band currently has a new bassist and drummer, meaning two of the nine that played on the first (commercially available) record are no longer a pat of the group. So what'll happen as members leave the group for whatever reason? According to Crahan, they'll be replaced until eventually there's no original members left in the group.

"I'm always trying to figure out how to let it be forever, kind of like a Van Gogh painting. They're not just gonna take one of my album covers and stick it in the Louvre [museum in Paris]. But if we can keep it going, if we can keep the philosophy and the culture going, there's no reason why kings and queens can't take it over.

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"Don't be surprised one day, you know, nobody in the band will be in the band. It'll all just be new people. I'll be eighty and there'll be a whole Slipknot thing moving. I mean, we've got two new guys now, man. You never know — my son might take over. You never know."

Honestly, I think this is a terrible idea. Replacing a few guys here and there is damage enough to the core sound in some bands, but music written by an entirely different nine guys? That's not even Slipknot anymore… that's just a band in Slipknot's costumes putting out music under Slipknot's name. I really, truly can't imagine someone else fronting the group either, nor can I imagine none of what made the band who they collectively are being a part of the process anymore.

I think there needs to come a day where, like any band, everything needs to be hung up for a last time. What say you, readers?

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In that way only Clown could say it.