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CHRIS BARNES Names His Favorite Death Metal Albums

All classics, of course.

Chris Barnes

While not the biggest fan of modern death metal, former Cannibal Corpse vocalist and current Six Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes loves him some classics. In an interview with the Sobre La Dosis podcast, Barnes named a handful of his favorite death metal albums which of course includes one of his own. And to be fair, he picked Butchered At Birth which is a staple of the genre.

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"I'm gonna have to say Possessed's Seven Churches, I'm gonna go with Death's Leprosy and Spiritual Healing, and Scream Bloody Gore – I'm gonna have to wrap those three up into [one] because you know, Chuck was a good friend of mine and I was a huge fan of death early on. Rest in peace Chuck. I'm gonna go Obituary Slowly We Rot. A huge album.

"All three of those bands are a similar type of death metal. I mean of course Possessed are the kings of death metal. They pretty much started it all. Jeff Becerra, fucking awesome guy. So yeah, that's that's where I come from, man. I really loved all those albums.

"If I have to throw a fourth one in there, I'm gonna have to say Butchered At Birth [by Cannibal Corpse from the Barnes era]. You know, pat myself on the back. That was a huge album in death metal as far as our kind of twist on the whole thing. I think it influenced a lot of people just as Possessed influenced a lot of bands to move in a certain direction."

Chris Barnes fronted Cannibal Corpse between 1988 and 1995, and has been the man behind Six Feet Under since 1993. While Barnes has had some pretty spicy opinions over the years, credit where credit is due – the guy is a major part of death metal history.

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