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CHANEY CRABB Details The Accident That Left Her With Over 100 Stitches In Her Face, Delayed ENTHEOS' New Material

She's doing well these days.


Entheos recently released their new single (and Metal Blade Records debut) "Absolute Zero" and we should all be grateful it came at all. In a lengthy Instagram post, vocalist Chaney Crabb detailed a scooter accident from August 2021 that left her with over 100 stitches in her face and enough damage that she wasn't sure if she'd ever sing again. Crabb said the new single "Absolute Zero" deals with the despair and uncertainty of that time in her life, as does the music video.

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We're glad Crabb is doing well these days and we can't wait to hear the new Entheos record!

"As some of you may already know, in August of '21 I was in a motorized scooter accident. My bottom lip tore away from my chin, my septum was flayed and my upper lip was cut in half, exposing my teeth. My nose was severely broken & sliced up the side. The end result was plastic surgery and 100+ stitches in my face.

"As a result of my accident I had no feeling in my lips or nose, some of which I still haven't regained, and my future as a vocalist was quite uncertain. While made sure within days after the accident to keep my actual voice in tact, doing vocals is incredibly reliant on mouth and lip movement and I simply did not have the ability to move either. While getting into the accident gave me a new sense of gratitude for my life and the people who I love, I was also dealing with a lot of darkness. Many nights I would wake up crying – would my face ever look the same? Will I ever make music again? These were complete uncertainties to me at that point.

"'Absolute Zero' is the first song that I wrote after my accident. It deals directly with the despair and uncertainty that I felt at that time. What I know now is that this sense of sadness that I experienced at that moment was necessary in order for me to progress as an individual and have true gratitude for my life. It is the beginning of a journey of personal growth, of which you will soon know more about.

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"David Brodsky, Allison Woest and their crew at My Good Eye did an amazing job capturing the overall aggression and despair of this song in the music video. I wanted the video to feel like a mental breakdown, and they nailed it. I've been such a big fan of their work for years and they were truly the only people who had in mind to create visuals to our music. Getting to work with them was a dream. I've never felt so comfortable making music videos, and now I have two new friends for life.

"Jillian Savage at Glam Nashville did my hair and makeup for this shoot. I'd be lying if I said that I haven't struggled a bit with my face post-accident and Jililan made me feel so beautiful. She is incredible at what she does and brings such positive vibes with her. Jillian is also an incredible artist whose work you may recognize from the cover of Whitechapel's Kin. Follow and support her.

"I don't know if our record would have turned out the way it did without my accident. When we pushed tracking back because of my accident, it allowed Evan [Brewer] the time to play bass on the record. His playing breathed new life into the songs and I can confidently say that we are not Entheos without his playing.

"Navene truly outdid himself on this song. His unique style & songwriting approach continually amaze me. He has long been my favorite musician and I'm honored to get to add my vocals to the music that he writes. Some of you may notice the call backs to songs from 'Dark Future' that are present in 'Absolute Zero' – that is all Navene. The overall concept that he had for this entire record on a musical level blow me away – I still notice new things with every listen.

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"Zack Ohren has been involved with this band for as long as any of us have and he did such a great job on the drum tracking & editing. Always honored to have him onwill board.

"Mark Lewis's engineering on this song truly took our sound to another level. I love Mark's mixes because he is so good at making bands sound like the best versions of themselves without ever making them sound identical or compromising. His mixes always serve the material he's working on & truly made us sound like the best version of Entheos.

"Hope you all enjoy the song. Cannot wait to share more with you."

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