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We Might Not See A New MESHUGGAH Album For At Least Another Two Years!

Remember when we all got pumped that Meshuggah were taking time off touring to begin writing another album come early 2014? While that's pretty great, guitarist for the band Mårten Hagström doesn't make it sound like the band are in any rush to get the new stuff out there.

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In a recent radio interview with Chile's Radio Futuro, as transcribed by Blabbermouth, Hagström said:

"So what's gonna happen now is come December, we're gonna look at writing a new album. We always do that — it's, like, two more years or touring and then two years of writing the album. And then it takes a little while before the albums actually turn up. So we're feeling pretty excited about that. 'Cause it's always, like, when you've been doing one thing for a long time, it's always nice to switch it up — go from touring back into the studio, and then when you're fed up with the studio, you switch back out to the touring. So that's good."

The one positive about the whole thing is that Hagström also says he loves the production on Koloss and wants to continue in the realm of an organic sounding record, so at least there's that. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise to fans in a way, considering the band has only put out four records since 2002! Prepare yourselves for new Meshuggah in 2016, I guess.

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