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Turns Out MASTODON Won't Be Contributing To MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Soundtrack After All

Boo! Any chance of hearing new Mastodon music this summer has officially been thrown out the window. First, we learned that the band is only planning on entering the studio in September, after wrapping up their summer touring, and now we hear their rumored contribution to the new Monsters Inc. sequel, Monsters University is not happening after all. Boo, I say! 

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Today, the Monsters University people released info on the soundtrack to the movie, and no new Mastodon song was listed.

It's not a total bust. Metal Insider reports there will actually be a Mastodon song in the movie, just not a new one. The track "Island" from Leviathan will appear in the movie, and here is the context according to the press release:

Faced with the question of what a sweet monster might listen to during a free moment, filmmakers decided to push the envelope. “There is a great moment in ‘Monsters University’ when we thought it would be funny if the tunes were some of the most intense heavy metal imaginable. Mastodon was the obvious choice. They show off an unexpected monstrous side for one of our great new characters.” They chose an existing song from the group called “Island.”

Coincidentally, "Island" won't be on the soundtrack either, but at least the 'don made the final cut, bringing heavy metal to a whole new audience. Can you imagine your kids and/or little brother/sister listening to this in a Disney movie:

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