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Russian CANNIBAL CORPSE Show Cancelled For "Technical Reasons"

It's a bad week to be a metal band in Eastern Europe.

It's a bad week to be a metal band in Eastern Europe.

It's a bad week to be a metal band in Eastern Europe. Yesterday, we reported a Behemoth concert in Poland was cancelled for political reasons, and today we learned that a Cannibal Corpse concert this past Sunday, October 5th in Ufa, Russia was also cancelled, this time being blamed on technical reasons.

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A few weeks back, a Russian Orthodox group called "God's Will" tried to stop the Russian Cannibal Corpse tour from happening but they did not succeed. The Florida death metal masters made it to Mother Russia and planned to play some gigs by the Ufa stop was compromised. The venue, Agave, was shut down by local authorities with the excuse being "technical reasons." Initially, the show was scheduled to be moved to Gafuri Park, but two hours before showtime, the show was cancelled because the rent for the lighting equipment was not paid for by the venue.

As for why the original venue cancelled the gig, it's not exactly clear. In the below Russian news report, you can clearly see protesters forming at the original site of the concert. Adding fuel to the conspiracy fire, last month a slew of Marilyn Manson shows were cancelled in Russia due to religious protest.

Cannibal Corpse frontman George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher commented in the news report that the band was ready to play and they apologize to all the fans that couldn't see them and they hope to make up the show soon.

Even if you are not Russian, the news report is worth watching, just to hear the discheveled female reporter pronounce "Cannibal Corpse" with a thick Russian accent early in the video:

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[via Blabbermouth]

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