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Bummer Alert

No One Got Knocked Up At The MEGADETH / MOTORHEAD Show :(

Last week, I posted a Craigslist ad in which some woman was searching for her long lost baby's daddy whom she met at Gigantour's stop in Chicago. It was pretty fucking hilarious, but I had my doubts. I mean, a laugh is a laugh right? Turns out, tons of media (including serious media like CNN) picked up on the ad, which was originally found by Fuse. Dave Shapiro, who originally found the article, emailed the alleged baby's momma for an interview, where she told him that her ad was fake.

We spoke for about thirty seconds, and she told me, nervously, that she was 23 (not 28 as the ad said) and from a small town in Kansas (not Chicago as the ad said) and then, once it started to set in that this was a hoax and I was kind of struggling for words and thinking about the look on my editor’s face when I told him, she said, anxiously and quietly, “I’m going to make this easy for you: It was a joke. I’m really, really sorry. I didn’t mean to trick you.”

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“I’m pretty sure there were people banging at that concert, by the way, based on email responses from a few terrified concertgoers who thought that they had impregnated me. I may not be pregnant, but someone is. There’s no way there weren’t a few accidental pregnancies. I’m anticipating the world’s greatest Maury episode.”

Damn, don't you hate when that happens? (Props to MetalSucks for the image above.)

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