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MODERN LIFE IS WAR Drummer Battling Cancer, GoFundMe Launched

Help Luke Rauch out if you can.

Luke Rauch

In what is unfortunately becoming all too common, a GoFundMe was recently launched to help another musician fight cancer. Modern Life Is War drummer Luke Rauch, also of the band Druids, was diagnosed with colon cancer in February and will undergo surgery to remove a mass today, March 1.

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On the family's GoFundMe Page, Rauch's loved ones wrote: "On February 16th Luke Rauch was diagnosed with colon cancer. The C word is something no one ever wants to hear let alone when you're only 36 yrs old. Luke will undergo surgery to remove the mass on Wednesday March 1st. Results of the tests sent to pathology will show what stage the cancer is in and what treatment will follow to fight this.

"Luke and his wife Angela just welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Kai in December. So Angela will be taking care of a newborn and Luke therefore they need all the support they can get. Without either of them being able to work it's going to strap them financially. Anything anyone can do to help is greatly appreciated."

The statement ended with thanks from Rauch himself, his wife, and the hashtag #LukeStrong. All information for the GoFundMe can be found here and just below. Keep your head up, Luke—you got this!

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