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Help 'em out if you can.

Photo by Hollie Crowe

Howling Giant and Heavy Temple aren't having the best time in Europe right now. The two bands were sadly robbed in Milan, Italy of some personal items, including a bag with several members' passports ad thousands of dollars. A GoFundMe has been launched to help both bands in the wake of the robbery, which you can donate to here.

"It's a depressingly familiar story: bands go out on tour, things are going great as they bring their glorious rock to new places and long-anticipating fans, then their tour vehicle gets robbed and what had been an uplifting time gets derailed.

"The guys and gal from Howling Giant and Heavy Temple are currently on tour in Europe, and today in Milan when they stepped away from their van for just minutes to enjoy a quick coffee, some enterprising thieves smashed their tour van's side window, opened the passenger door and grabbed whatever they could. And unfortunately, that included a computer and backup hard drive, a bag with several members' passports, lots of personal items and thousands of dollars in tour earnings from gigs and merch sales.

"The good news is that most of their instruments and gear was locked in a part of the van that the thieves couldn't access, so the tour will roll on without interruption. The bad news is that both bands are now deeply in the red on tour costs, plus they have to deal with the police and US embassy while trying to keep delivering the goods live. So let's help them take the least financial hit possible by supporting them however we can.

"These are two phenomenal bands who've been looking forward to their first-ever European tour for quite a while, and they're staying optimistic about not losing their guitars and pedals so they won't be stopped from doing what they went to Europe to do.

"If you've ever enjoyed the music of Heavy Temple or Howling Giant or you've ever been in a similar spot with your own band, we know they'll be grateful for your help."

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