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Dee Snider Has Zero Interest In Reuniting TWISTED SISTER

They're still friends, but Dee has moved on

Twisted Sister ended their career in 2016 and according to Dee Snider, it's gonna stay that way. Snider said in a recent interview with Metal From The Inside that he is "committed" to not getting the band back together. Even though they're all good friends, Snider said his solo career affords him the freedom to explore new musical avenues, which he feels he can't do under the Twisted Sister name.

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"[I am] one hundred percent committed to not reuniting. Now, let me just be clear: we're friends. I did a show a couple of weeks ago and [Twisted Sister bassist Mark] Mendoza showed up, and we did 'Under The Blade', and it was awesome. I talk to the guys all the time. I can show you my text messages. We have a little text group, and we were sending messages back and forth.

"To me, that was the reason to reunite, was to fix the relationships, and we did fix' em, and we're friends. I feel we did what we could do without just doing the same thing over. And I wanted to do some new, challenging things that I couldn't do within Twisted. And the solo records I've done I could not have done with Twisted Sister. I could not have done Dee Does Broadway with Twisted SisterTwisted Does Broadway.

"And I could not have done For The Love Of Metal with Twisted Sister; people would never have accepted it. But as a solo artist, I'm allowed to change and evolve. And some things [fans have] liked; some things they've not liked. But at the same time, I'm allowed; no one's ever questioned [it]. And, again, if Twisted Sister did it, it would be, like, 'Hey, it doesn't sound like Twisted Sister anymore'; it would have been that kind of thing."

Snider noted that he'd still be open to playing a one-off show here or there with the band since that's not really a "reunion", but would never officially reunite and do a tour.

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Snider will release his new solo album Leave A Scar on July 30. Pre-orders are available here, and you can check out his latest single "Time To Choose" featuring Cannibal Corpse vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher below.

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