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Bummer Alert

BUMMER Breaks Up And That Sucks

Well fuck.

Photo from Bummer's Instagram page

Well this fucking sucks – Bummer, one of the best noise rock bands to do it in the last decade, and has called it quits. There's no word on what happened other than a brief caption on the below photo stating that the band broke up. There's also no word on if Bummer will complete or release their third and presumably final album, which they've been working on this year.

And before some of you jump in with the "who?" comments, here – go listen to Bummer on their Bandcamp page. The song "I Want To Punch Bruce Springsteen In The Dick" from Dead Horse rules, as does "Second Chimes (Terrence Howard War Machine)" from the Thanks For Nothing EP. Go see why it sucks so much that this band broke up and then join me in being bummed out.

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