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Axl Rose Breaks Foot As GUNS N ROSES Reunion About To Kick Off; Tour Will Continue

Posted by on April 8, 2016 at 4:35 pm

There are literally millions of dollars invested in this Guns N Roses reunion tour, and do you think a broken foot is going to stop things from going off? Nope!

Axl Rose revealed today that he recently suffered an injury to his foot. He kept quiet on the injury and has already had surgery with a plate and numerous steel screws inserted into his foot. Rose shared the following video explaining the injury:

Here is a photo of the rods in his foot:


I guess Axl feels that if Dave Grohl can perform with a broken foot, so can he, as the tour will continue, with Rose likely sitting down the entire show, seeing as though he can't put any pressure on his foot.

The injury had to have happened in the last week, because Rose seemed fine at the band's warm-up show last Friday. We'll know this weekend when the band plays two shows in Vegas. Get remaining dates here.

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