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BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Hit The Studio In November

Bullet For My Valentine are one of those bands that get crapped on way, way hard because… the internet? Or something? I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that they're hitting the studio in November for a record they're apparently excited about!

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Guitarist for the band Matt Tuck recently told Rock Sound:

“We’re not looking for someone to take control, we’re looking for someone with an outside perspective to push where things need to be pushed. When we worked withDon [Gilmore] he was very much focused on chopping parts out and making things concentrated, now we want to work with someone who has worked with bands like Pantera and Deftones where that mentality was probably not in the game at all.

We want someone to go ‘it’s not big enough’ or ‘it’s not metal enough’ and keep us focused on our talents. We want a different mindset this time and having someone focus us that way will be good.”

So we've got a band that wants to make a solid record with a good producer… could be cool? I'm checking them out for the first time right now (this jam) and I kind of like it. It's got a retro-ey sort of feel going on! So who knows, maybe we'll all dig this record. Maybe we won't.

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Check out the interview we conducted with all of Bullet for My Valentine earlier this year.

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