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Breakups & Shakeups


The split was mutual.

Photo: Twitter

According to a post on his social media, Traitors drummer Stephen Arango has officially left his role as drummer for the Florida deathcore crushers. His post reads:

"It’s been a great time the last 10 years w this team, Bt I feel it’s time now more than ever to try different musical experiences/opportunities while I still can, so with that being said, will be stepping down from Traitors. Hope to see these guys keep flourishing & killing the game!

"Expect to see new music soon from something I’ve been working on the last few months as well as can expect seeing me filling in on drums for a few touring acts in the next coming months!

"Excited to start this new part of my journey & sharing more w you all! Be safe camp, it’s been a pleasure"

No replacement for Arango has been named at this time. In response, Traitors posted:


"10 years ago this month, it was 2:30PM when Stephen called me and told me he wanted to start a band with me. I was demotivated, depressed, and still in bed, with no intentions on futhering myself that day. I even told him 'Not today man, i'm just too tired.' He didn't take no for an answer and insisted on coming over. That day we wrote 'Arrogance' together and my whole world changed within weeks. We played 2-3 shows in FL, and within 4 months we were on the road. I was given a gift and still battled with tons of self deprecation. But every step of the way, Stephen motivated me to stay on my feet and keep grinding. Because of that, you've all been able to hear something that almost didn't exist in the first place.

"Unfortunately, Stephen and Traitors are mutually deciding to go their separate ways. We wish him nothing but the best for this grand adventure for the past decade of highs and lows. Traitors wouldn't be here if you hadn't gotten me out of bed."

The post also says:

"On behalf of the entire Traitors team, we appreciate each and every one of you for your love and support throughout the years. I've watched many of you grow for a decade now, and it's made me develop a special relationship with music itself and my fans alike. Some of you have children and bring them to shows and honestly it makes me smile every time. We are full speed ahead, and have something very special that we are preparing for you guys in the coming months. Stay tuned for more years with Traitors."

You may also know Arango as the guy who broke his hand fighting off a thief.

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