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SEPULTURA Reunion Could've Happened, But Andreas Refused; Resisted

SEPULTURA Reunion Could've Happened, But Andreas Refused; Resisted

Sorry, I couldn't resist with that headline. Anyway, the fine brohemians at Metalsucks brought to my attention a recent interview with AltSounds where Max Cavalera discussed a potential reunion with his old Sepultura band mates. This happened right before he and Igor established Cavalera Conspiracy, as he sought to reunite his old band first. But there was one problem, Andreas:

It almost happened last year; I actually called Andreas myself and talked to him about it because I wanna do it, and I said ‘we should do it man, it’s the time’, and he said ‘let’s do it’. The next thing I know he has all these crazy demands, involving all these people that work for them and having him be the boss of everything, and I said ‘that’s not how it’s gonna be if it’s gonna happen’, and he started talking a lot about money and shit like that so I backed off. It’s not about the money, it’s about the name of the band and showing people what we were about when we were together, so now I’m not so sure. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen, I’m not worried about it, I think once people hear the new Cavalera Conspiracy album they are going to forget about the reunion, because it’s really powerful stuff.

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Hmm, well that sucks. Looks like Andreas is the one with more to lose here. Max & Igor simply went on without him, creating a great record for Cavalera Conspiracy that could've very well been the next coming of Sepultura, meanwhile Andreas' version of Sepultura isn't doing too well. Did anybody even listen to their last release, A-Lex? While a Sepultura reunion was something I desperately wanted a few years ago, I can definitely settle for just Cavalera Conspiracy touring and playing a mix of old and new songs. Like this:

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