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Breakups & Shakeups


They've got a replacement.

Photo by Tihomir Rusanov

Nervosa has been having a rough go of things when it comes to drummers. The band just split with Michaela Naydenova, their third drummer since 2022, and have already announced new drummer Gabriela Abud. Naydenova played for Nervosa only throughout 2023 – her statement says she decided to leave at the end of the year – and performed on the band's latest record Jailbreak.

"At the end of the last year I decided to end my journey with Nervosa and the time has come to announce it publicly," said Naydenova of her decision to split with the band. "The reason is to provoke myself to experiment more in the musical field. And, of course, I will still be playing drums

"I was almost one year in the band, had super fun, saw and played many great places and gained a lot of experience for the short amount of time. Met a lot of people and I am thankful to every one of them for their time and energy!

"Thank you Prika Amaral, Helena Kotina, and Hel Pyre for all the great memories, wish you the best of luck with Nervosa! Let's see what 2024 has to offer."

Nervosa added: "We are very thankful for everything! We wish you the best of luck."

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