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Blasting CREED Saves Boy From Wolf Attack; Even Wolves Hate CREED

Blasting CREED Saves Boy From Wolf Attack; Even Wolves Hate CREEDAnd now for you weird barely metal story of the day, a Norwegian boy (pictured to your right) was walking home from school, presumably through the woods, since it's Norway, and he came across a pack of wolves. The wolves and the kid had a staredown. Rather than run for his life (which he was taught not to do because the wolves would attack him), he decided to whip out his phone and blast Creed's awful track Overcome at full volume. The wolves, much like any sane human being with any decent taste in music walked away, not wanting to be aurally raped by Scott Stapp and company.

The funniest part of the story to me was that it was originally reported that he wasn't blasting Creed, but Megadeth. We could only assume that the reason this was changed was because Mustaine used his connections in the CIA and FBI to track down the wolves and he made them change their story. Sounds good to me!

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