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Band Puts Orange Beanie on eBay, Currently Auctioning At $95,700

Do people not know how much beanies cost?

orange beanie

I guess some people really love band merch?

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I had not heard of Triple Crown Records' Heart Attack Man until reading this story, but these guys must be very very good at marketing because a beanie they put up for auction is about to cross the six figure mark.

A bit of backstory: vocalist/guitarist Eric Egan would wear this orange beanie in a bunch of recent videos and then ran low on cash. So he put his cap on eBay for auction with this description:

“Hate to have to do this, but I’m strapped for cash so I am selling my orange beanie. Featured in countless photos and videos of mine all over the internet, this is not your average everyday ordinary beanie. The amount of ideas I’ve thought of while wearing this beanie is astronomical. I’ve played many shows in it. This beanie alone has left a remarkable impact on this earth. Should fit most any head size.”

For what it's worth, it looks like a very nice beanie:

Band Puts Orange Beanie on eBay, Currently Auctioning At  ,700

As of this writing, there have been 152 bids with the price now at $95,700.00. Looking at the bid history, all the bids look legitimate, from people with active eBay profiles. Could this be a goof or is somebody going to shell out $100k for a hat?!

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You can make your bid here.

…or you can buy one on Amazon for like $6.

[via AltPress]

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