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AYREON Announce The Theory Of Everything For A 2013 Release

Ayreon haven't done anything since their 2008 record 01011001, but apparently it hasn't been all silence on their part! Arjen has revealed that there will be a new record in 2013!

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AYREON Announce The Theory Of Everything For A 2013 ReleaseAyreon isn't so much a band as it is Lucassen getting everyone that matters in progressive music to come together for a record, which is apparently happening this year. Lucassen announced that Ayreon would be coming out with the new record, The Theory of Everything, sometimes in 2013. According to their Facebook:

Finally…I'm basically ready with the new Ayreon album! Just in time for a release this year, I'm happy to say. So…expect the 'guess this musician on the new Ayreon' contest to start any time now

Also, in a quote obtained by Gun Shy Assassin, Arjen says that:

Lyrically, I’ve left the old Ayreon universe behind and have to create a new one from scratch. I’m really excited about the line-up and how everything is PROGressing so far. There is physics involved, but mainly it’s about human relationships and the emotional costs that come with treading the fine line between genius and madness.

Hey, Ayreon might not be "heavy," but they're a cornerstone of progressive metal. If you're not convinced then I highly suggest you go listen to The Human Equation and then get back to me in the comments section. New Ayreon is a huge deal!

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