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AXEL RUDY PELL Has A Sense Of Humor

Look, I barely know who Axel Rudy Pell is, except for the fact that dude really butchered Dio's classic, "Holy Diver." Luckily, my buddy Axl Rosenberg did know who Axel was and conducted one of the funniest, and most offensive interviews I've ever read. Two samplings of questions submitted to Rudy Pell are "Was it your intention to make Ronnie James Dio roll over in his grave, or was that just an unexpected perk?" and "Circle of the Oath is currently taking up nearly 100 MB of space on my hard drive. Why?" The best part of the whole thing is Pell seems content with hitting back and hard as he received, and really takes the snarky questions in stride. Read the hilarious interview here, and if you're so inclined, Axel Rudy Pell's new album, Circle of the Oath comes out March 27 on SPV/Steamhammer.

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