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Awesome: BAM MARGERA Finishes One Year Of Rehab

This just great to see.

Bam Margera Sobriety
Photo from Bam Margera's Instagram

According to available data, between 15- and 40-million Americans suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Less than 10 percent of those affected receive treatment, sadly. Which is why it is important to champion Bam Margera today. The former Jackass star and skate icon posted to Instagram that he has completed one year of rehabilitation — which is no small feat, if you understand the hard work and emotional toll of recovery. Better still, Margera was reunited with his family, wife Nikki and son Phoenix, after a year of separation.

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The road to sobriety has not been an easy one for Margera. He famously skipped out on rehab in 2019, only to be arrested and returned to his treatment facility after exhibiting bizarre behavior in a Los Angeles hotel. Then, he sued Paramount and his former Jackass co-stars, saying he was prevented from being in Jackass Forever after being presented with a list of demands that Margera claimed were unreasonable. After evidence to the contrary was presented, Margera dropped the suit.

In his post Instagram, Margera wrote "ONE YEAR of treatment! #fuCKYeah #bamsback #bamsfree," also posting a video of him walking with his son Phoenix captioned, "Home sweet home, with Phoenix and @nikkib124. #fuCKYeah #bamsback #bamsfree."

If I can be completely frank, I fucking love seeing stuff like this. As a father, I know Margera had to be hurting every day that he was away from his son. Their reunion, along with Margera's wife Nikki, we hope is only one of many positive moments to come for the Margera family. Hang in there, dude. We're rooting for you here at Metal Injection.

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There was an altercation and Bam threatened to kill his family.

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He's back home and recovering.