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AVENGED SEVENFOLD's Vocalist Names The Song That'll Get New Fans Into The Band

It's from the record everyone claims to dislike.

M Shadows 2022

Avenged Sevenfold's albums all have pretty unique personalities. So where should you start with their discography?

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Vocalist M. Shadows said in an interview with Revolver that he recommends folks not too into metal to check out "Hail To The King" from the 2013 album of the same name. Shadows also recommends "The Stage" and "Exist" from 2016's The Stage, as well as "Buried Alive" from 2010's Nightmare, for those a little more into the genre.

"Usually, to get people in the door that are not deep in the scene, I just show them 'Hail to the King.' It's like, they get it. The next time I see them, usually it's in their playlist. It's just one of those things that's easy.

"If I want to show somebody a song that I'm really proud of, I would start with 'The Stage.' And then, I might show them, like, 'Buried Alive' or 'Exist.' But if I'm going to show [my band to] a guy on the golf course or, like, the guy at Ralphs, I just throw him "Hail to the King." And it usually does the trick."

Shadows recently touched on everyone "hating" Hail To The King as an album, but it being by far the band's most popular song. "Hail to the King (the song) streams more than double any other tracks we have weekly," he said. "The album is on track to out-sell all the others… yet a portion of the fan base acts like it was a failure by all accounts."

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For those curious, "Hail to The King" has 433.1 million streams on Spotify. Avenged Sevenfold's two most popular songs after that are "Nightmare" with 274.5 million and "Afterlife" with 181.6 million.

Oh, and in case you're looking for new album news – it seems to be coming this year.

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