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AVENGED SEVENFOLD Frontman: "The Metalcore Has Been Left Behind"

In favor of ripping off Metallica.

In favor of ripping off Metallica.

Avenged Sevenfold was pretty all over the board when it came to the first three albums. Then came the self-titled in 2007 and they almost became a new band. While critics may have written them off as a Guns N Roses clone, the new gimmick worked for them. Some longtime fans have apparently been clamoring for a return.  So will we ever see a return to the earlier sound of Avenged Sevenfold? According to frontman M. Shadows in an interview with The Jakarta Post, the members of the band don't enjoy that sound anymore and there's basically no chance!

“The metalcore has been left behind. It’s not something that any of us find enjoyment in listening to, so it’s obviously that the direction we would write songs in. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a comeback. We are ever evolving and never repeat ourselves … I want to stay away from trends and do what we want to do musically. We write music because we have to — it’s a part of our very being. As we develop I just see us following our heart on this musical journey.”

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Well this sucks a little bit. In my opinion, the self-titled was alright at best, Nightmare was an album with music on it and Hail to the King would have been cool if Metallica wasn't already around. Maybe the group can turn it all around and knock out a sick record this year? Each member is a great musician, so the group has the capability… we'll see.

Also, I might be a little grouchy about this because Waking the Fallen was one of my favorite records in high school. #oldguymetalheadmentality

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