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AS I LAY DYING Frontman Tim Lambesis Teases Return

Could Tim Lambesis be coming back with a whole new lineup? Maybe?

Could Tim Lambesis be coming back with a whole new lineup? Maybe?

In the event you somehow missed the entire insane news cycle of Tim Lambesis going to jail for putting a hit out on his then-wife in 2014, here's a brief refresher.

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Back in 2014, then-As I Lay Dying frontman Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison for putting out a hit on his wife Meggan Lambesis, only because the dude he hired turned out to be law enforcement under cover. Lambesis blamed it all on steroids and marital problems, was quietly released from prison in December 2016, and has since remarried.

As I Lay Dying obviously went into hibernation during the whole legal procedure, and eventually everyone besides Lambesis went on to form Wovenwar, leaving Lambesis as the sole member of As I Lay Dying.

For the last two Father's Days here in the US, Lambesis posted a message saying "Happy Father's Day." This year, he did not. Instead, he opted for something less direct. In a very cryptic message posted in the early hours of June 19, As I Lay Dying's Facebook has one word for you – activity. So does this mean Lambesis is going to carry on with the group and have a whole new lineup behind him? The dudes who are now in Wovenwar don't seem to stoked on Lambesis as a person, so it'll be interesting to see where this goes.

That is, if this even means anything at all.

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