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ANAL CUNT Knew How To Have Fun On The Road

The metal world is slightly less funny now that Anal Cunt frontman Seth Putnam passed away. In the wake of his death, Vice Magazine recently caught up with AC drummer Tim Morse who recalled some humorous tales of the band on the road. Here is my favorite tale from that story:

The last show AC played was in Cleveland at a place called Now That’s Class, an absolute dive with Mad Dog at the bar for $5. During one of the opening acts, I went to Pizza Hut before so…explosive diarrhea is coming on. I run to the bathroom, which ends up being the women’s bathroom. Too late. So I sit down, and it’s explosion city. Mountains of mayhem. So this woman walks in, and all of a sudden she’s like, “Is thaaat a maaan? I’m gonna kick yer ass!” So I say, “Well if you kick my ass we won’t be able to play.” She says “Oh my god yer in Anal Cunt! Oh I wanna fuck you…blah blah blah. Let me come in there and give you a blow job.”

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I’m like, “Don’t touch me while I’m in the bathroom. No.” That was just weird. I get out of the bathroom and she’s trying to hump me, ugh. Later on in the club she’s all “Seth! I wanna meet Seth!” which I mean, everyone wants to meet Seth. She gets up to see him and Seth’s all, “Hey you wanna give me a blow job?” and she says, “Maybe later.” So we start playing and the show is just chaos. Packed house. We’re playing for like an hour. During the set the girl was onstage and Seth goes up to her and says, “You can gimme that blow job now.” It was only like ten seconds but the crowd went nuts. That was the last show we ever played.

Gotta love Seth! There are plenty more fucked up tales from their life on the road which you can read here. Obviously, if you never heard the interview we did with Seth on the Livecast, we highly recommend you check it out.

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