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Amazon Has Its Own Music Streaming Service Now

Very. very, geared toward Amazon Echo users.

Very. very, geared toward Amazon Echo users.

Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and now Amazon. The latter company has launched its own music streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited, which is currently up and available to use by anyone. For $3.99, owners of the Amazon Echo can subscribe to the service on a monthly basis. If you're not an Echo owner, but instead you're an Amazon Prime owner, it'll run you $7.99 monthly. Then from there it's $9.99 monthly for owners of neither, and $14.99 for a six account family plan.

The cool thing about it is that if you're using an Echo, you can search for songs by their lyrics, search for music by mood, or just tell it to play the latest song by an artist. Other than that, this seems like a fairly run-of-the-mill subscription-based streaming service. Apparently there will be a feature called "Side-By-Side," which features artist's commentary alongside a song, though somehow I get the feeling you're not going to be seeing any of that when it comes to a new Krallice record or anything like that.

So basically, if you've got an Echo, this is for you… and if not, either get an Echo or just go with whatever other service.

[via The Verge]

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