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"I would never say never."


Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, the band featuring Alice In Chains vocalist William DuVall, Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds and The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman, ex-The Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen, and ex-Dethklok bassist Pete Griffin, released their only album Broken Lines in September 2016. The band played three shows surrounding the record and presumably then fell silent given the busy schedules of all involved.

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DuVall tells BREWtally Speaking Podcast that while he's not sure what the future holds for a sophomore Giraffe Tongue Orchestra record, he'd certainly like to do more shows.

"Well, there's no plans right now, but I would never discount that. I would never say never. One thing is I'm so occupied right now with [my solo album] One Alone that that's gonna really take up — that has got to be the central focus of my time for the next year or so. And the other guys, I know they stay busy as well, even if it's not necessarily public stuff. There's a lot that we all do behind the scenes and so forth.

"The Broken Lines album by GTO, I think it's a high water mark of all of our careers, of everyone that was involved in that band. I'm extremely proud of it. I'd like to do more, if the stars line up — I think it'd be great. I also, if nothing else, wouldn't mind perhaps playing some shows around the 'Broken Lines' album, because one thing that I found really unfortunate is that album was terribly underserved by our lack of performances. It's just how it worked out. We had a U.S. tour booked and then we had to cancel it. Brent [Hinds] broke his leg on his motorcycle. So the only shows that we played were our debut at Reading and Lee in 2016, and then we did South By Southwest in Austin, Texas in 2017. And that's it — people got three shows of Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. And that is just not right — that's just not right, in my opinion. So, we'll see how it goes."

So here's hoping, right? Even if there's no new record, it seems like seeing Giraffe Tongue Orchestra would be a blast.

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