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ALICE COOPER Says Lemmy's Idea Of Not Drinking Was "Maybe Just Five Or Six Drinks"

Lemmy partied hard.


The late and great Motorhead mastermind Lemmy left behind not only a legacy of great music, but stories upon stories (upon stories upon stories) of legendary partying. In an interview with Kerrang!, Alice Cooper adds one more to the mountain of lore.

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Cooper said if Lemmy were alive right now he'd likely be a part of Hollywood Vampires, Cooper's band with actor Johnny Depp and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Cooper also said that while he quit drinking 37 years ago, Lemmy's idea of quitting drinking was a little bit different.

“If he were alive, Lemmy would certainly be a Vampire. He’d probably be our bass player! All of us knew Lemmy, on different levels, because he played with us so many times – everyone in the band had done tours with Lemmy. He was sort of a journeyman. I quit drinking 37 years ago, but he came to me once and said, ‘Alice. I quit drinking.’ And he had a drink in his hand! I was sitting there going, ‘That’s great – and that must be Coca-Cola?’ He said, ‘No, there’s a little whiskey in there.’ His idea of not drinking was not drinking a bottle of whiskey each night. Maybe just five or six drinks.”

I have a feeling we're going to be hearing Lemmy stories for the next decade or so, and they're all going to be really entertaining.

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