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Aimée Osbourne Discusses Why She Chose Not To Be On The Osbournes

"I never saw it as an option, so it didn’t feel like a hard decision."

aimee osbourne

The Osbournes was a massive reality TV show that ran between 2002 and 2005 and featured Ozzy Osbourne and most of his family. Ozzy's daughter Aimée Osbourne was absent from the entirety of the show, which she recently revealed to The Oakland Press was very intentional.

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Aimée said she never even considered being on the show, but confirmed everything fans saw was not scripted.

“No. It wasn’t even something I ever contemplated. I never saw it as an option, so it didn’t feel like a hard decision. I knew [the show] was never something that would have made me happy and would have benefitted me long-term. The show was real; There was no script, and I think they got some messages out there that were important, and people got to see their gentle charm and quirkiness. I think after that you saw reality TV take this perverted twist, and a lot of it is so bogus and not reality.”

Aimée added later in the interview that the show wasn;'t too surprising, considering it was just what she grew up with.

“It wasn’t that shocking or surprising ’cause I grew up with it, with a very well-known father. So it wasn’t unfamiliar. What was pretty surprising was how successful it became, overnight. I don’t think any of us were anticipating anything at that level. There’s nothing that could prepare you for that kind of exposure. It was interesting, to say the least.”

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Aimée Osbourne has since launched her new musical project Aro, which you can check out here. It's definitely not metal, but it definitely is very good!

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