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AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED Working On Three New Full Length Albums

Agoraphobic Nosebleed have announced that they are busy as fuck. What exactly does "busy as fuck" mean? Well it means recording not one but three new albums for release. That's right…three albums. The band posted a statement via their facebook page this past Saturday stating that three new albums were in the works, each one featuring a different vocalist and being completely unique in style and approach. 

To answer the question of what's next for ANB - Kat, Rich and myself are each heading up our own independent full lengths with Hull, finishing off with a solo release by Scott. Each one will be a completely different style/ direction from the next -idea is to make ANB even more of a genre-less effort. Recording has all ready begun and they will most likely be released within a month or two of each other starting probably forth quarter 2013. More details as they develop

For those unaware, Agoraphobic Nosebleed features three vocalists. Jay Randall (ex-Isis) Richard Johnson (Drugs of Faith) and Katherine Katz (ex-Salome). It will be interesting to see how each one approaches the opportunity and how different the finished products really sound.

One thing is for certain, however, next Christmas may be the best Christmas EVER!!! I have been begging that bastard Santa to deliver me three new Agoraphobic Nosebleed albums in one year and now it seems I may finally get my wish. It's a Christmas Miracle!

As for this Christmas, the band have announced they'll be releasing a new track, via Decibel Magazine's Flexi series called "Merry Christmeth." Very exciting.

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