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ABSU's Melissa Moore (Vis Crom) Comes Out As Transgender; Claims Band Has Split Up

Melissa claims transphobia was part of the reason for the end of Absu.

Melissa claims transphobia was part of the reason for the end of Absu.

It's a scary time for transgender Americans, as news has surfaced that the Trump administration is working on making life as difficult as possible, by passing a ruling that would define gender "a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth" according to a report from The New York Times. We here at Metal Injection are of the belief that trans rights are human rights. The genre in general was built on being an outlier, welcoming all outsiders into a safe space to have fun and enjoy heavy music.

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This recent wave of potential anti-trans legislation prompted Absu guitarist Vis Crom to reveal that she is transgender. Melissa Moore came out to friends last year but this is her first public statement, shared on her Facebook page:

“ACHTUNG! Most of you know me from my time as Vis Crom of Absu, even though I probably didn’t look like a Melissa then. I am a transgender woman. If you live in the USA I ask all true heavy metal brothers and sisters to NOT VOTE FOR REPUBLICAN SCUM on Nov 6. They are initiating a literal inquisition against trans people. I hate politics and never post but this is real and desperate. This is not politics, this is an attempt to exterminate. Word on the street is trans aggressively are being viciously attacked physically and denied documents (like passport renewals) to even flee this dystopia. I intend be a knife to the throat of these evangelical scum, but I can’t fight alone.

“Thank you for your time. We are all on the same team. Sex, Drinks and Metal for life!!! 666”

In the comment section of the story, there was a question as to why the band broke up, and while Melissa initially claims "basically the most fucked up transphobia from my bandmates is what happened," she concedes it wasn't only because she is trans writing:

“It’s a long story and today is a busy day, but basically the most fucked up transphobia from my bandmates is what happened. The band is broken up and I am still at a loss on how to handle it. It [isn’t] ONLY because I am trans. RSG [Rumpelstiltskin Grinder] doesn’t play often but we are still tight!”

Melissa is now playing with a Philly band named Sonja.

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We tried reaching out to Absu vocalist Proscriptor for comment on Facebook Messenger, but he avoided answering any questions seriously, and responded in character. When asked directly if there would be any Absu shows in the future, Proscriptor responded by saying "This evening will showcase a grandiose exhibit of Mythological Occult Metal – as usual – en nouz ad Allaxitonia." Okay.

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