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15 Year Old School Shooter Listened To RAMMSTEIN – So, What?

Why is a "reputable" New York newspaper printing a headline that says Teenager who allegedly opened fire in Baltimore area high school was heavy metal misfit obsessed with Rammstein and Manson Family. So what, NY Daily News? A Baltimore teenager, Bobby Gladden, opened fire in his high school cafeteria shooting at will, and got two shots off, injuring one student, before a brave-as-fuck guidance counseler stepped in and put the gunman in a bear hug.

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Now that the student is being held with no bail (and being tried as an adult for first-degree murder and  assault, and naturally the media is looking for a story. So, they turned to his Facebook page, where he has a giant cover photo of Rammstein frontman Till Lindermann, lists a Charles Manson book as one of his favorites and his last status update before the shooting was "First day of school, last day of my life. t(~_~t), fuck the world." 

Ok, great. But, how does any of that explain why the kid thought it'd be a great idea to bring a gun into school on the first day and shoot some innocent class mates? Rammstein doesn't glorify gun violence, nor is he in contact with Till, so what does him liking Rammstein have anything to do with it? If the guy had a cover photo of Maroon 5 or Rihanna on his Facebook page would there even be a story? I'm so sick of the media looking for any reason to paint metal as something violent and murder-inducing.

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