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0N0 Transmute Death, Doom, Ambient & Industrial On Unwavering Resonance

Anyone into Cavernlight, , Godflesh, Gorguts, Ulcerate, or Esoteric will find find something to love on this album.


Something has been brewing in Bratislava, Slovenia. Since 2005 the trio known as 0N0 has been slowly, meticulously conjuring an alchemy of industrial, doom, death, and black metals. Their personal mission has been to sound different from other metal bands in the genres in composition and production. Since their founding they have put out four EPs and two full-lengths. And now they are ready to unleash their most accomplished work yet: Unwavering Resonance.

Comprised of four tracks, the latest 0N0 album is nothing short of mind-melting. The album opens on the post metal/ambient/industrial sounding “Clay Weight.” There is plenty of melody sprinkled throughout, veering on prog tenancies. And strong doom sensibilities as it carries on. The track eventually pivots a more dissonant death metal sound, and even goes full bore death metal. Though there’s plenty of ambient metal sprinkled in as well. Look, there’s a lot going on. But 0N0 are cohesive and have command over it all.

“Shattering” takes off on a more aggressive note. The track is straight death metal from the second it begins and eventually morphs into something more melodic before dissolving into ambience and doom. There’s a constant metamorphic to 0N0’s sound. They don’t break an arm to change genres, it just happens. Like a calm river flowing into rapids. This is a much more aggressive track overall, more hitting hard on that death metal sound.

The title track “Unwavering Resonance” follows with a fade-in of sound. 0N0 moves into an old school doom sound. It slowly shifts into a death/doom sound, getting more and more epic as it carries on. And then the fever breaks and things get quiet. Things finish ambient but doomy and heavy.

The final track, “Wander the Vacant Twilight”, is the final hurrah. It starts out ambient and gets doomy with an industrial touch. It is an epic, slow track teeming with atmosphere. The track eventually picks up with some aggression but keeps things on the doom end of sound.

A quote from the band: "In simple terms, our previous album Reconstruction and Synthesis focused on themes of transcendence and mindscapes whereas Unwavering Resonance focuses on manifestation bound to existence."

0N0 continue to make great, weird music. It can be difficult to put into words what this band turns out, so it’s best to just dive in and listen. Unwavering Resonance is an incredible album with a huge swath of sounds. Anyone into Cavernlight, , Godflesh, Gorguts, Ulcerate, or Esoteric will find find something to love on this album.

You can preorder the record here.

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