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WRETCHED FATE Channels CANNIBAL CORPSE On Their New Single "Utterance From The Inhuman Tongue"

October Tide's vocalist gets in on the single too!

Photo by Öga Färg

Wretched Fate is here to combine Lovecraft-style horror with a Cannibal Corpse-style deliverance on their latest single "Utterance From The Inhuman Tongue." Equal parts slow punishment and Corpse-esque grinding death metal, Wretched Fate has written a death metal song that's genuinely memorable. Plus it helps that they've recruited Alexander Högbom of October Tide for some guest vocals!

"The lyrics to this song center around two themes, sleep paralysis and Lovecraftian horror," said Wretched Fate of the single. "During sleep paralysis, one may experience horrifying hallucinations and, in this case, one about an inconceivable extraterrestrial entity. The victim of this story cannot discern whether the experience is real or just a figment of its own imagination, but how could the mind possibly conjure up a being that is so unimaginable? And if you're already awake, could you ever wake up from this nightmare?

"For this song we wanted to experiment a bit with the vocal structures. We wanted an interpretation of a Cannibal Corpse-esque sound with lots of syllables cramped together. It felt only natural to invite our great friend Alexander Högbom of October Tide, Kryptan, ex-Demonical, ex-Centinex, who shares our deep appreciation of Cannibal Corpse, to perform some vehement vocals! Alexander has meant a lot to Wretched Fate's development and we’re proud to have him as a guest on our new record!"

Wretched Fate will release Carnal Heresy on February 24. Pre-orders are available here via Bandcamp and here via Redefining Darkness' website.

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