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WESTON SUPER MAIM's New Single "180-Degree Murder" Is Technical Madness

FFO: Meshuggah, Car Bomb.

Weston Super Maim promo shot

Weston Super Maim, the duo featuring multi-instrumentalist Tom Stevens (All Of Space, Brown Stratos) and vocalist Seth Detrick (PDP), is here to completely fuck your day up. The duo is now streaming the extremely technical and Car Bomb-esque new single "180-Degree Murder", which is one half the of the band's new EP of the same name.

"We’ve had this track up our sleeves for a little while now so it’s amazing to finally get it out there," said Stevens. "The music was actually written in 2019, but it wasn’t until Seth came on board to do vocals last year that it became the monster that it is now. We both love complex music but also just pure all-out heaviness, so this track is really nothing more than us writing the music we want to hear.

"The EP is essentially a single long song, and this track is the first section. Musically, it's all about the riffs. There are some odd time signatures and shifting tempos, but it’s more about weird groove and different angles to create the heaviest thing possible. There’s an overarching lyrical concept for the EP, and this section is about the idea of absorbing all the ugliness of humanity, and using it to destroy the world. Every stage of the writing and recording process was about pushing things as far as we could, one way or another, and we’re extremely proud of the end result."

180-Degree Murder is due out July 16. Pre-orders are available here.

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