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WESTON SUPER MAIM Recruits FRONTIERER's Vocalist For "Perfect Meadows In Every Direction"

Imagine a blender filled with molten riffs, intricate time signatures, and gut-wrenching vocals, and then set it to "pulverize."


Get ready to have your eardrums pummeled and your mind warped into a kaleidoscope of sonic brutality as Weston Super Maim, the brainchild of UK multi-instrumentalist Tom Stevens and Seth Detrick of Los Angeles thrash outfit PDP, is back with their latest offering, See You Tomorrow Baby.

See You Tomorrow Baby is a sonic odyssey that draws inspiration from across the extreme music spectrum, weaving together the abstracted time signatures of Meshuggah and the god-tier riffs of Crowbar with the mathcore madness of Car Bomb, and the dissonant grooves of Will Haven. The album is described as "an expansive work of cutting-edge extremity, sporting spanning caveman heaviness, wild complexity, and passages of stunning melody, nevertheless representing a focused and coherent experience, with the band’s dedication to creating huge riffs and breakdowns dragging the listener along for the ride."

Thematically, the album delves into the depths of death and loss, drawing on the band's personal experiences to create a raw and visceral exploration of grief and mortality. The lyrics are both abstract and deeply personal, weaving a tapestry of emotions that will resonate with anyone who has ever grappled with loss. Guest spots from members of Frontierer, Soreption, and Blindfolded And Led to the Woods add extra dimensions to what is already a multifaceted record.

The album’s first single – and closing track – "Perfect Meadows In Every Direction" can be streamed below.

"We originally hadn’t intended this to be a single at all, but it’s so ridiculously over-the-top that at some point we realized it had to be. It’s a microcosm of the album as a whole – relentlessly heavy and packed with these wild riffs, but opening out into an epic, melodic passage too." Stevens explains.

"Working with Chad of Frontierer on this one was an absolute honor; he is the GOAT. As soon as the breakdown was written we knew it would be perfect for him, and he just absolutely destroyed it. Overall, this track is everything Weston Super Maim is about. We know it’s been a little while since we released new music, so we hope people enjoy this and get hyped for the new album."

Weston Super Maim will independently release See You Tomorrow Baby on March 15 on bleach and pink splatter vinyl variants and all digital services. Preorders are now live at Bandcamp.

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