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VOID VATOR Track "I Want More" Will Leave You Wanting More

Void Vator Promo Photo 2020 by Nikkie Marie Kephart

With all of the various subgenres of metal the exist today, it's easy to forget that virtually all of it spawned from good ol' fashioned heavy metal. So it's all the more welcome, then, when a band like L.A.'s Void Vator comes along and unleashes a kick-ass reminder of what heavy metal is all about. The band is poised to release their second full-length record Great Fear Rising on April 23 via the always excellent, Ripple Music, and we're premiering the latest single "I Want More" from the album with the accompanying video below. Void Vator perfectly melds that balls-to-the-wall style of classic bands like Judas Priest and Accept with some thrashier bits accentuated by modern production and songcraft which yields a raging, headbanging and flat-out fun result. The band utilized all of the unexpected downtime last year due to the pandemic to write and record Great Fear Rising, and it will likely provide some much-needed circle pit therapy when these songs are played in a live setting. The band comments on "I Want More":

"I Want More" is a continuation of the story that we started with our previous video "I Can't Take It."  Rock and Roll has been shut down in our town, so Void Vator packs up and drives off to play shows in Arizona where there is more freedom.  They say that life imitates art, and in our case art and life happen to be the same thing. We've been working on our new record Great Fear Rising since our tour got cut five days in due to the lockdowns last year.  Recording and following through all the necessary creative steps for its release has kept Void Vator alive. Great Fear Rising is our best album to date.  "I Want More" represents our attitude on life.  We want more, we don't accept being tied down, we won't ask for permission, and we don't wait for an "OK".  We keep doing what we want to do, and continue to find a way to play.
Great Fear Rising drops April 23 via Ripple Music. Pre-order the album here, and check out Void Vator's previous releases over at their Bandcamp page.
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