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VOID VATOR Stomp Their Way Through The Gates On New Song "Monster"

It's heavy metal for the masses!


Los Angeles heavy metal unit Void Vator has been touring non-stop and putting out some seriously killer material over the past few years. Now we've been given the privilege to premiere some of that killer new material by way of the band's new song "Monster".

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Here's what Void Vator themselves had to say about the track.

"We are very proud of this album. All the songs have elements of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and even some 90’s rock when it comes to the vocal melodies. In this day and age of overly produced and overly polished music we wanted to make sure that this album was as raw and as real as we could get away with, a true representation of our sound. That’s why we got legendary metal producer Bill Metoyer to produce this album. Even though we are labeled as a metal band you can hear different elements from different genres and I think that’s what makes our sound special. This is also something that happens naturally when you get 4 different musicians to collaborate with out any preconceived notion of 'what we want to sound like' besides energetic and hooky."

Void Vator will release Stranded on November 22, and you can grab a pre-order here.

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