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VAULTED Revs Up The Chainsaws With New Song "Shallow Vacancy"

Sounds like Sweden, but from Massachusetts.

Vaulted Meg Caseau

Despite the chainsaw guitars and pissed-beyond-pissed vocals, Vaulted is from Massachusetts and not Sweden. Though you can get pummeled so hard by their new song "Shallow Vacancy" below that you won't know the difference between Massachusetts and Sweden by the end anyway.

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"'Shallow Vacancy' is Left In Despair’s final transmission. Without sacrificing the groove, and momentum we intend to create in our writing, this song allows the listener to experience a culmination or an endgame of what we as a band have created to date," said guitarist Christian Henderson.

"The lyrical themes and subject matter discussed throughout the album breathes its dying breath, burying itself in a hurry and leaving behind a feeling of general vacancy. This final track is meant to pull you away from the world we created sonically, on your way to silence. Leaving you alone again for eternity."

Vaulted will release Left In Despair on November 19. Pre-orders are available here for tapes and here for digital via Bandcamp.

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