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Transcending Obscurity Records Posts Entire Digital Catalog For Free

Featuring Master, Colosso, Live Burial, Paganizer, Crawl, Bones, and way more!

Transcending Obscurity Records

Transcending Obscurity has set the price of their entire Bandcamp catalog for fans to pay whatever they feel like paying per album. The label is home to such artists as Master, Colosso, Live Burial, Paganizer, Crawl, Bones and way more, and of course we encourage you to pay something if you can.

Looking at the difficult circumstances, we've decided to offer our entire catalog of almost a hundred releases for free download. At least there won't be a dearth of good music. Thanks for your support and spread the word! We'll probably run this all through April by which time we're hoping things will get back to normalcy.

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Check the label's extensive sampler below if you're not familiar and get shopping here!

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